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My philosophy

My life is about listening. As a musician (from the age of 6), mother, and channel, my purpose has always been to listen to the melodies and harmonies of the universe and all beings in it. Over the years I have developed an ability to listen to the wisdom of the soul, to the higher guidance that exists uniquely for each individual. I do this by looking deeply, seeking clarity and letting go of judgment, accepting the magnificence of the soul and the wisdom of the situation in front of me. 


My first teacher in telepathic communication was my beloved friend and constant companion of eleven years, Cinnamon Bear.  I had no conscious experience with animal communication at the time, but I learned to quiet my mind so I could "get" what CB, with his relentless stare, was trying to tell me.  I also learned clarity of intention because CB would only respond to my first thought, so mind, heart, and action had to be in perfect, focused alignment.  


Over the years, my clients and students have constantly surprised and delighted me with their willingness to open up to me telepathically. In every session I am presented with a new way of looking at the world, and I bring this wisdom to my work. My ability to listen with an open mind and open heart is the basis of my work as an Intuitive Channel.


Wednesday 3 - 7pm     

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