Intuitive Guide 

Meta's gift is to inspire those seeking a fresh perspective to recognize their strengths and understand their challenges. She empowers her clients to create a life filled with joy, love, wisdom, creativity and vitality by discovering their Soul-Self and the spiritual path they have chosen to experience. Meta helps her clients create a clear vision of their potential, and provides the guidance and direction to achieve that potential. She brings an open mind, compassion, and a sense of fun to her work.


Some things can't be explained by ordinary thinking. The answers to these questions are not written in any book. They won't be found in the edifices of our public education. Our western religious traditions and psychiatry give us limited assistance. We receive answers about these inexplicable and seemingly unexplainable conundrums through intuition and inner knowing. We achieve clarity with the support of our guides, oracle cards, aura clearing, soul portrait, hands-on healing, crystals, and meditations. 


Connect to higher wisdom through my guides and yours

Energy Healing

Clear your physical, mental and emotional energy for a greater sense of spiritual well-being

Soul Portrait

Understand your Soul's purpose, gifts and challenges

Wednesday 3 - 7pm     

Friday 11am - 3pm

Saturday 11am - 2pm

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346 Ave. Cabrillo

Half Moon Bay, California 94019



PHONE (650) 847-0309


P O Box 964

El Granada CA 94018

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