Intuitive Guide 

Meta provides insights and guideposts that assist her clients in moving forward with more ease and less friction. She shows them how to hit the reset button by breaking the illusion of limitation. She supports them in deepening their ability to access their own wisdom, while offering course correction as they navigate new waters. She brings an open mind, compassion, and a sense of fun to her work.

New in 2021: All sessions are by phone. I am taking a break to relocate and will have regular office hours again after April 1, 2021. Payments can be made through PayPal or Venmo only, as I am no longer receiving payments by mail. 

For those who prefer to work with me on an as-needed basis, I am available for half-hour appointments for $150 and one-hour appointments for $300.


I also have a structure in place for my work that accelerates the spiritual shifts I see in my clients. The insights I bring through are more impactful when we work together consistently to integrate personal growth. To support this, I recommend a program of 6 or 12 intuitive sessions. I offer 3 plans: You may schedule and pay up-front for 12 full sessions for $2880; 6 full sessions for $1530; or 6 half-hour appointments for $810. (Full sessions are 75 to 90 minutes.) Please email me to set up a schedule.