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Tarot as a map of life

I use Tarot to create an intuitive map and guide for whatever process we are going through. Although I was interested in Tarot, I resisted it for many years because the readings were always so depressing and complicated. Those little white books that come with the decks gave such dire predictions for reversed (upside-down) cards! Frightening. And off-putting. It wasn't until I heard a talk by Joyah French about the process that Tarot leads us through that I finally found a teaching and a teacher that really inspired me. I have been going deeper ever since, including Tarot in my coaching practice, creating my own Tarot deck, and developing online classes. 
This is not fortune-telling. Our future depends on the choices we make in the moment, so prediction is if-y at best. When we ask a question, the Tarot shows us what we need to pay attention to, develop, or get over in order to have the future we hope for. We can look at probable outcomes if we do the work the reading suggests; the opportunity to grow depends on our desire, persistence, and drive to reach the next level of consciousness. 

My friend and inspired Tarot reader Shelley Moore will be holding online Tarot classes. Please contact her at (650) 303-9250; soulfulillumination@gmail.com; or https://www.soulfulillumination.com/ to sign up for her courses.

Visit my in-progress Tarot deck.


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