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Thoughts on pet communication

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

I have advertised myself as an animal communicator for some years now. It is one of the most satisfying and most upsetting things I do. Today it feels like all the deep satisfaction and love are cancelled out by the upset. The upset comes not from the animals - they are always so enlightened - it comes from the "owners" of these wonderful beings we call "pets."

I usually get a call when there is already a problem, whether it is health, behavior, getting lost, moving or transition. People usually want me to do something to change their animal friend's behavior. That is not my job. My job is to communicate what is in the animal's heart and mind so the human can understand and deepen their relationship.

With a few notable and delightful exceptions, people only follow the guidance I suggest when it suits what they already plan to do. "My dog is aggressive." He needs training. "Oh no, that's not possible." Excuse me? the message from your dog, his guides and the universe is that he, and more importantly his human, need training! "Just tell Fido to stop being aggressive." I continue to try to make suggestions. I have to stop doing that. It never works. As I learned so many years ago from my first teacher in animal communication, Cinnamon Bear, the first thought and first message is the correct one. Anything that follows is nonsense.

Cinnamon Bear

Diet is another area of contention. So much itchy unhappiness! Skin allergies abound from drugs, chemicals, metals and feeding convenient commercial food, even those that are more conscious of ingredients. What would our pets eat in the wild? Give them that. (You don't have to hunt mice to feed a cat a more natural diet! There are other options.) And some lovely support comes from the world of plants and essential oils, a possibly a surprising source. See the Oily Vet at http://www.animaleo.info/kittyboost.html for her perspective and study of and use of essential oils for felines and all creatures, including humans!

How many of my human clients are interested in their animal friend's life purpose? Not enough even know what their own life purpose is, although their pets do. How many of my human clients understand that their pets' health and behavior reflect their own? No one wants to look at what they are running away from or to. Pets are also really good judges of character. Your dog doesn't like your boyfriend? Oh. Take a hint! It is probably not your dog who is jealous. You or your boyfriend is the jealous type.

I love the communication of birds. These beautiful songsters (yes, every bird has a song if you listen without judgment) go about their business with constancy and grace. They all know who they are and their purpose in the grand scheme of life. They know they are connected to the infinite. They are truly undisturbed by the cycles of life and death, although they freely express themselves in momentary passions.

"Smale foweles maken melodye,...Thanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages." That's me. Like Chaucer's story tellers, it's time for me to go on pilgrimages to commune with nature. Sounds corny - I am so ready to find my place in the company of those who don't have to think about things like integrity, purpose, beauty. These things are part of their nature. They do not create amazing works of art or beautiful machinery like we creatures with opposable thumbs. I definitely need to restore the balance, my balance. So I am not accepting any new clients at this time as I am taking the summer off. I look forward to continuing to work with those of you who have become such delightful and beloved friends over the years. And I look forward to finding a fresh perspective. Who knows where that will lead!

See ya!

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