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Thoughts on a sunny afternoon

Updated: Feb 8

As I sit in my back yard, protected from the wind by my fences and neighboring trees, I am joined by a hummingbird. She sits on an exposed branch of the plum tree which is just coming into leaf. She turns her back to the sun, as I am doing, absorbing its warmth as it penetrates her iridescent feathers. She stretches, first one wing high above her head, then the other. She ruffles her feathers making her look like a fuzzy pompom. Fans out her tail. Settles. Stretches again one wing then the other, ruffles, fans, settles. Hummingbird yoga! We are joined by others, coming for the last visit of the day to my lemon tree. Bumblebees, finches, chickadees, warblers, towhees, and others too quick for me to identify.

Pause. Everyone in the realm of fauna does it. A hummingbird SITTING?!!! Unheard of, unthinkable, never seen. More like “Humans sitting? Unheard of, unthinkable, never seen. We are human doings, not human beings.”

Pause. In this time of shelter-in-place (SIP in case anybody was worried about alcohol intake) and COVID risks, we are offered the opportunity to pause, and reflect on what “life” means to us. And from that reflection we can assess if we are living a life according to that meaning. What of value do I contribute to consciousness? Do I express the truth of who I am? Am I living from my essence?

Pause. I see so many of us trying to escape this stillness, this time of heartache and of grief with doing or the anxiety of not doing. “What can I do? How can I help? How can I fix this?” The question we’re really asking is, “How can I avoid this pain?”

Pause. Most of us are not on the front line of this pandemic in the hospitals and care facilities, and cannot do what these warrior healers are doing. What we can do is different. And we each contribute uniquely. There is, as always, no right or wrong way.

Pause. What are you inspired to do? The possibilities are limitless, like the faces of Krishna. Where do you choose to look? What is your focus? Which level of connection, local to global, draws you?

Pause. Begin with inner self, expand to body, household, house, garden, neighborhood, community, region, state, country, continent, earth, universe, cosmos, and the beyond...

Pause. We connect at each of these levels. I share my list as inspiration, in the hopes that something will spark an “Oh I could do that!“ or “Oh, I would like to do this...”

My list of connection: Breathe. Sit quietly in my yard with my tea and enjoy the movement of nature. Renew my chi gung practice. Cook something new once a week. Make masks for my children and their friends. Remodel my bathroom (ongoing!). Plant vegetables in my flower boxes. Have virtual dinners with friends. Support my local restaurants in the hopes they won’t go out of business. Offer my services by donation to my friends and clients who are out of work. Offer sessions by donation to anyone who needs a lift. Continue to send Reiki with the new healing symbols to the world. Continue to evolve my spiritual practice.

Pause. That’s a long list!!! I hadn’t realized that I have embraced all of this doing! I do include long pauses to keep in touch with my being. Any one of these things is enough if we approach with commitment, compassion, truth, and love.

Pause. What do you choose? Where are you inspired to place your focus? You make a difference. Take a breath. Recognize and acknowledge that who you are is the key to how you make a difference and how you help to heal the world. Might I suggest hummingbird yoga?

With love,


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