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Updated: Dec 18, 2017

I have been blogging for quite a few years now. I started with Blogger and had a different blog for each thing I did - one for animal communication, one for meditation, one for Reiki, etc. My main blog contained my Tarot deck and I was able to add cards as I created them. (I'm still working on this! Up to 69 of the 78 cards.) I learned how to cross-index and link one to the other so it was fairly flowy. And a few people read them, once in a while.

As I was handing out my business card to new students a couple of years ago, one of them said "meta-tarot.blogspot.com? why isn't it metaorear.com?" And that was the beginning of a whole new world! That student is now my webdesigner, Alicia Vargas of Vargas DeZine https://www.vargasdezine.com/. She has lead me through the mysterious - to me - universe of domains and bookings and galleries and shouting. People actually find my services online and book appointments. I have been able to create a course schedule where all my classes show up on one page. It has been very gratifying. And now I am in a position to take my work and my website and my blogs in a whole new virtual direction.

I am retiring from in-person consulting in May. All of my sessions will be via phone. And I am very excited because it means I can travel, and take my work with me if I choose. I know that sometimes my clients like to meet me in person. They appreciate the care and attention I give them. Even so, it's time for a change. It's time for me to nurture myself with care and attention, and my greatest desire is to travel. I can learn to use blogging as a journal. Those who are interested can follow (so I am told). I can put pen and keyboard to any idea that strikes my fancy. Anywhere. Anytime. The sense of freedom that I feel when I think about this is unbelievable. Burdens I didn't know I was carrying fly off my shoulders. I feel like a helium balloon or a kite cut loose from it's string. Soaring. Seeing the world from a higher perspective. Maybe even from Tibet.

And so I am learning how this works. Retirement. From Middle French retirer, from re- "back" + Old French tirer "to draw," as in preparation for a volley. (I used to love to play badminton as a youngster!) Generally we think of "retire" as to retreat or withdraw from the world to a place of seclusion or safety. Today it occurs to me that I have been withdrawn and retired up until now. I had drawn the curtain over my joyous spirit in order to survive. Now as I prepare my volley into freedom, retirement actually means the opposite to me.

And I can hardly wait to get started.

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