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Knight of Wands

Updated: May 7, 2018

Balancing act. Stepping confidently, surely, elegantly on thin metal rods that flex and bounce with each movement. Unerring focus. Strength and agility. The certain knowledge of where he is going and how he will get there. There is no possibility of a mis-step. This is a mature energy. The young men on this building project look like they are clowns about to fall off the high wire of a circus act. Arms flailing, dropping their tools, falling off the rebar, feet slipping through the grid and landing painfully in the gaps! It's been really fun to watch the construction next to my office this spring. (I love the smell of sawdust!) And it is a beautiful example and reminder that persistence and patience in building our dreams is required. It is required. Nothing strong, lasting and worthwhile comes from slapping together a plan or a dream quickly. Inspiration can arrive in a lightening flash! Carrying out the steps takes a steady burn. The Knight of Wands asks us to create a powerful vision. If the vision is in integrity with truth, he will burn through anything that is in the way, tirelessly, passionately, relentlessly. If the vision is not fully in integrity with truth, the manifestation of it becomes wild and reckless and hampered by obstacles, which is good information. Pay attention! How is the fire of inspiration burning? Let the Knight of Wands carry you through or help you create a new dream.

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