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Knight of Disks

Knight of Disks. Provider. Grounded. King of his domain. The ability to enrich his environment. The desire to share his riches. Constancy. Warmth.

This Knight deserves our respect. He is steadfast. He never abandons a project. Sometimes he attacks a job like a bulldozer, with the power to clear a direct path to his goal. Sometimes he picks up his spade occasionally, only spending a few minutes on the task as his energy and attention permit, his plans taking years to complete as he carefully works through any obstacle that presents itself. And he doesn't seem to care which approach he takes; the job gets done eventually.

The Knight of Earth doesn't always work very well with others. There can be a clay-like density to his energy and thought process. It is sometimes difficult for him to allow others to express their views or to contribute. Approach creatively and without judgment. Meet his earthy energy with watery, patient companionship rather than volatile air and fire. He is the builder. He is the manifester. He is the one who will get it done.

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