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Distance Chakra Balancing

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Chakra balancing with crystals is a great way to clean up the vibrations that float around us in our aura, the atmosphere that we generate and which immediately surrounds our physical body.

This is Roscoe Bear happily serving as a surrogate during a distance chakra healing session.

Have you ever wondered what a distance healing session looks like? My bears, Teddy, Hearts and Roscoe, help me focus my intention and energy. I imagine that they are the person I am working with as I do the reading, figuring out what area of my client's energy system is ready to experience greater flow of chi. I lay the clear quartz rings on the parts of the body (front and back) that I feel intuitively are requesting healing. And then I sit back and let the quartz do its magic. The little blue eye pillows keep the crystals in place. The bears will lay or sit quietly until the process is complete for that session, which can take up to an hour. They are always comfortable and always smiling.

"Chakras" are swirling vortices of energy in our aura that correspond to massive nerve centers and major organs in the body. The chakra balancing reading consists of before and after assessments of the health of each chakra: the direction of the spin and the shape of each chakra; % of openness of the center of the chakra; diameter; and presence of any clouds or distortions. The "before" reading is the baseline. The "after" reading indicates the healing that has taken place during the session and also whether follow-up sessions are advisable. For clients who schedule occasional "check-ups," it tracks the progress of their personal growth, pinpointing areas of achievement and the next area to work on.

This reading and healing is based on the work of Barbara Ann Brennan's Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field. (See her website Barbara Brennan School of Healing.) And here is a link to a great article What Is a Chakra? from The Chopra Center. The individual energy healing arts of Chakra balancing, Soul Clearing and Reiki can all be done remotely. They compliment and augment each other. And of course, all of these sessions can be conducted in person. You just have to promise to be as well-behaved as the bears.

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