Meet Cindi

Cindi Fisse, Reiki practitioner, 

Luna Nueva Holistic Center


"Since I was a child I have been interested in energy healing. While going through cancer, I received the nurturing experience of Reiki through the Stanford Hospital. It was the first time I could feel energy flowing through me without the practitioner touching me. My Reiki practice springs from a desire to share this healing energy with others, offering them a tool to develop a sense of well-being. I work with people and animals, as well as conduct remote sessions." 


Shelley Moore, Transformational Guide, 

Helping to Heal Mind, Body and Soul


"Since a very young age I have wanted to help and heal others, not understanding exactly what that really meant or looked like. About 8 years ago events happened that impacted my life and changed my course, and that path has been evolving ever since. Continuing this quest for knowledge to help others through my teachings and life-experience is my calling. This is the work that my soul has chosen for me this lifetime. I want to share this with others: Bringing Light and Sharing Love; helping people to see their own potential for this lifetime. This is my passion." 

Hand Analysis, Soul Purpose, Tarot, Reiki Master


Meet Shelley


(650) 847-0309

346 Ave. Cabrillo

Half Moon Bay, California 94019


Wednesday 3 - 7pm

Friday 11am - 3pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm

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