Individual Sessions

I connect through my intuition to receive messages of limitless possibility for you. Images, words, colors, feelings, physical sensations and inner knowing create a dialogue that informs your choices in your current situation and on your path to the future.

A Soul Portrait reveals your life purpose and identifies your strengths, all the way back to the creation of your Soul. We discover your numerology, Spirit Guides, Soul Family and the school of the Archangelic Realms in which your Soul has become a master-teacher. 

A Soul Clearing identifies what gets in the way of our freedom and joy. It explains the challenges we have chosen to face in order to evolve. A Soul Clearing reveals "negative" energies that surround the physical body at the chakras and which are the root of most of our challenges.

This is a follow-up to a previous Soul Clearing for when things get wonky. This reading shows how you can get back on track with your Soul's plan.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing with crystals is a great way to clean up the vibrations that float around us in our aura, the atmosphere that we generate and which immediately surrounds our physical body. In-person or remotely.

Disruptive energy attached to land can be healed with a Property Clearing. The earth feels so refreshed afterwards. Gardens thrive. A peaceful quality settles in. People report experiencing better sleep, a burst of energy for spring cleaning, and more loving relationships all around. 

Update of a previous property clearing when things seem out of balance.

Choosing Tarot cards amplifies the messages from our guides. This is not fortune-telling. Our future depends on the choices we make in the present. Tarot shows us what we need to pay attention to, develop, or get over in order to have the future we hope for.

Animal Communication

Our animal friends deserve to be heard. What does your pet really think? They all have an opinion! As a conduit and interpreter, I create a dialogue between you and your pets, helping you discover what is in their heart and mind and body, from the animal's perspective. read more...

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