Energy Healer

What is a "healer?"

To be VERY clear about this, no one heals anyone else. As an energy healing practitioner, I hold a high frequency or vibration in my mind, heart and body to allow my client to match that frequency and heal themselves. The term "healer" is a shortcut to a description of what is really happening on an energetic level. To quote Richard Gordon, the inventor of Quantum Touch, "My profession is that of a healer. Few people would understand me if I said that I hold a resonance so people can harmonically entrain to my vibration to heal themselves."

Energy Healing

You are the point person for your Soul and your Soul has a plan. It is possible to identify and release restrictive energy mentally, emotionally and physically that blocks us from consciously and actively aligning with that plan. Supported by energy clearing, Reiki, meditation, work with crystals and essential oils, sound, and many other modalities, you can choose to become fully soul-infused, living with love and inspiration.

Soul Clearing

A Soul Clearing identifies what gets in the way of our freedom and joy, and explains the challenges we have chosen to face in order to evolve. A Soul Clearing shows constricting or "negative" energies that surround the physical body at the chakras. The root of most of our challenges lies in the area our Soul has chosen to study for its greatest growth.


Do you ever feel like bad things keep happening again and again, no matter how hard you try to change them? Do you ever wonder who that voice in your head really is? It might not be bad luck or your conscience. It might be an anger spear or an entity tripping you up. We call in our intention, guides and angels to zap these negative energies and fill you with light. The dramatic language of Soul Clearing paints a vivid picture of the impact fear has on us. More importantly, it offers us a path to navigate through our fears with consciousness and grace. 

Property Clearing

Land and property develop negative energy attachments due to the people living there, past and present. We remove these attachments the same way we do in a Soul Clearing. The Earth always feels so relieved and refreshed after a property clearing. Gardens thrive and a peaceful quality settles in. The people who live in a house that has been cleared report experiencing better sleep, having a burst of energy for spring cleaning, and more loving relationships in the home and with neighbors.


Chakra repatterning with Crystals

Chakra balancing with crystals is a great way to clean up the vibrations that float around us in our aura, the atmosphere that we generate and which immediately surrounds our physical body. I figure out what area of my client's energy system is ready to experience greater flow of chi and lay clear quartz rings on the parts of the body (front and back) that I feel intuitively are requesting healing. And then I sit back and let the quartz do its magic. read more...

Reiki: hands-on healing

Reiki can help the body integrate the healing brought by our guides. Reiki practitioners and clients recognize that the body does have the ability to heal itself. As the Reiki practitioner allows loving energy to flow through their hands, the recipient experiences a deep relaxation that promotes physical and emotional healing, mental clarity and a wonderful sense of well-being. In a Reiki session, we treat the whole person by gently placing our hands on the major and minor chakras, guided by intuition and the client. Chair Reiki is perfect for deep relaxation in a busy schedule because Reiki flows to the places it is most needed. Sometimes we only need a few minutes of Reiki. A short session is best for dealing with headaches, or when we are quite weak from illness.


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