Channel and Intuitive Guide

Intuitive guidance is the basis of my work.

​I connect through my intuition to receive messages of limitless possibility for you. Images, words, colors, feelings, physical sensations and inner knowing create a dialogue that informs your decisions and clarifies your path to your future. You may ask any question about your current situation; discover your soul's personality traits; clear repetitive disruptive energies from your aura; consult the Tarot; or meet your Spirit Guides. They often have pithy questions for you that evoke your own wisdom. And they always offer very practical advice!


I experience the greatest joy in my work when I channel messages from my clients' guides, supported by my guides. My perspective on being a channel is that I allow my thinking/rational/detail-oriented left-brain to quiet down by relaxing into a light trance state. I feel my heart and mind lifting up to the spaciousness of pure thought, imagination and intuition, the realms of the right hemisphere of the brain. I am always aware of everything I perceive in this state, including what is going on in my surroundings. It is always me relaying whatever information I do receive. I am given messages in a way that I can recognize, whether through words, an image or a feeling. Sometimes I do not understand the significance of the message - but the asker does. The guides often engage in a coaching dialogue with my clients, pummeling them with questions, making sure the client understands the message.  


Can I say for sure that the information I receive while I am channeling is from other realms? that I connect with other beings as my guides? No. It could be that I am connecting deeply with my own intuition and inner wisdom, or that I connect intuitively with my clients' energy. Except that I do not believe I could be making this stuff up. The wisdom and love that I feel when I channel is not my normal human experience! But no matter how I access it, the truth of the statements and the way my clients really "get" the messages that come through is proof to me of the validity of this work.


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