Animals Communicate with us all the time... 

through their body language. They also communicate with their thoughts and feelings, but the human mind is usually too busy to hear them clearly. Or we do not believe it is really possible. I can assure you that they hear us very well, and we can talk with them when we take the time to listen


Often we want to focus on helping our pets feel happier or more comfortable. We want to know if there is anything they need. We want them to know that we love them. But we can also ask our animal friends about their specific life purpose and what they think their job is with their human companions. 


My first teacher in telepathic communication was my beloved friend and constant companion of eleven years, Cinnamon Bear.  I had no conscious experience with animal communication at the time, but I learned to quiet my mind so I could "get" what CB, with his relentless stare, was trying to tell me.  I also learned clarity of intention because CB would only respond to my first thought, so mind, heart, and action had to be in perfect, focused alignment.  

As an animal communicator, I open a dialogue between you and your animal friends. I serve as a conduit and interpreter, helping you discover what is in the animal's heart and mind and body, from their perspective. This will sometimes bring you new information. Sometimes it validates your gut feelings. It always deepens your love and understanding. 

My job is not to change your animal's behavior. Rather it is to assist you in developing deeper understanding of your animal friend. 

How I listen...

I relax into a meditative state to quiet my mind. In this light trance, I feel that my open heart and mind create safety for your animal friend to communicate through me. I just listen, without trying to force or judge the connection. I am able to ask your questions, and convey your animal's thoughts and feelings to you. 

What I hear...

These wise ones "speak" to me in language and imagery that I can understand. In plain English, through physical sensation, with emotion or pictures, each animal communicates in their own unique way. Some are serious, others are funny, or shy, or wary. But when they speak it is with truth and love. 

Animal communication sessions...

range from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how many animals want to "speak" and what they have to say. You determine the length of time you wish to schedule. I conduct all sessions by phone.

My work compliments medical advice...

My work supports all types of healing and medicine. It is not intended to replace your own good sense, behavioral training or your relationship with your medical professionals. 


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